InnerSeek Directory Guidelines

The Innerseek Directory will not accept all websites that are suggested. In some cases we do get back to you if there was a problem with your website - please do not resubmit (this will normally send you to the back of the queue). In order to ensure that our users only receive quality sites within our directory - your site MUST;

  1. To be made for search engines rather than users
  2. Not be adult oriented or contain any material which we think would not be unsuitable for our directory.
  3. Fit the category submitted to - If one doesn't fit your website this may be because we don't want to list it. Please email us if you think we should add a category.
  4. Not be full of adverts and/or affiliate links
  5. Be in English
  6. Your companies website must not be banned by any popular search engines.
  7. Not be redirected to another domain
  8. Not use any questionable methods to game search engines (ie. hiding text or links)

We do accept the following, as we think all websites should be treated fairly;

  1. Websites that are hosted on free domains
  2. Deep links or sub domains

We do check the websites currently in our directory continuously to ensure they still do comply with our guidelines. If you find any website not complying please contact us and we will rereview the site in question.